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So, I have a confession to make…
I am a HORRIBLE blogger!
It’s sad really, and here’s why.
Posting a couple photos of sessions on Facebook is great and all,
but you totally miss the “story” of the session.
It’s hard to bring an entire session to life with just a couple photos on FB.
With that all being said,
I WILL do my best blog more!!

Now, how about this family’s little “session story”…
Momma contacted me through email for a cake smash session for her little Missy turning 1!
Obviously, she wanted some family shots and shots of Miss J (big sis) too!
Every year she takes a shot of her holding up the girls. This way they can see how they have grown each year.
We had lots of pink, balloons, a sweet little cake, and two super happy little girls!
It was a fun night!

Miss C’s adorable cake was made at Sugarlips Cakery!

karen Blog_edited-7 karen Blog_edited-8 karen Blog_edited-9

These little ladies are SUPER cute!
And, while they weren’t crazy about the camera at first, we still got some great shots!
You just can’t hide SUPER cute! 😉

coburn 3_edited-1 coburn 1_edited-1 coburn 2_edited-2

This little family was great!
We had bugs, WIND & PROM! But, had I not mentioned it, you wouldn’t even have known! True Models! 😉
Momma did such a great job styling everyone too! I love the color combinations!

davis_edited-1 Davis Blog_edited-1