Monthly Archives: October 2014

This is such a great location!
It’s a perfect way to get both nature and an industrial feel into a session!
Miss J, just turned 5 & Miss C is starting to walk!
Watching families grow and change is so fun-just another reason I love photography! 😉

Snitselaar_edited-1 Snitselaar_edited-4 Snitselaar_edited-3 Snitselaar_edited-2

October is a pretty special month for E & P!
They turn 5 & 3!
I always love catching up with these guys!
Mr. P is a little shy, which makes capturing his sweetness that much more fun!
Miss E is a busy girl.
She came ready for pictures with her own accessories, and I was pretty impressed with her climbing skills!
And then, there is beautiful Miss Q, taking it all in.

trone_edited-1 trone_edited-2 trone_edited-3