Monthly Archives: December 2014

This was a fun one!
Truthfully, they are all fun, but this one especially!
It’s simple really, the weather was great, we were at a perfect location & the family is beautiful!
I love the images we captured from their session because we have a great mix of everyone looking at the camera smiling, and we have pictures where they are just being themselves. (which are my favorite to photograph)
I love when it’s easy! Thank you Heaton family!:)

heaton 1-1_edited-1 heaton 1-2_edited-2 heaton 1-3_edited-1 heaton 1-3_edited-3 heaton 1-3_edited-6 heaton 1-3_edited-5

Candice and I go back to 1st time Mommy’s with bald babies! Lol!
If you know her, you know she is pretty awesome!
It can be hard to make friends, especially Mommy friends, but that wasn’t the case with her!
So, you can imagine, I was pretty bummed when I found out they were moving! :(
Don’t get too sad though, they just moved back!:)YAY!!

I was obviously thrilled to see these guys again, and meet Mr. Evan!
They are just adorable, and sweet and funny and a super loving family!
I can’t wait for some family get togethers!

stokes family_edited-2 stokes family_edited-4 stokes family_edited-3