Monthly Archives: May 2015

So, where are they?
Where are your photos?
Please, please, please, don’t say on a cd, or flash drive or saved on my computer…
Have you read the articles floating around the web telling us, pretty much the last place we want our photos is on a cd, or flash drive or saved to our computer??
It’s so true. Think about it. What happened to our cassettes and videos?
All replaced.
At the rate this world is going, who knows what we will be saving our photos to in 10 years.
But, I would be willing to bet, it won’t be cds and flash drives.

What am I getting at?
If you want them in the future, you have to PRINT them!!!


So, I did it.
I finally did what I said I was going to do when my first was born.
And, I’m keeping it simple, so I stick to it.
I would love to scrapbook, but scrapbooking 3 littles, right now…pretty impossible for me.
Easy works, easy is what I’m doing…

When I take photos, I save them by month. At the end of the month this is what I do:

1. Print all photos for the month – 3 sets because I have 3 littles
(I’m giving them all the same photos for each month because they are going to need to be able to blackmail each other as they get older. 
This way they all have access to any photos they may need.:) 
No seriously, as a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to tell a story with my photos.
Hopefully, the photo is all they need to remember the story. 
I don’t want it to just be a book for my daughter to look back at herself. 
I want her to look back at her childhood, and her brothers are the largest part of her childhood. 
So, they need to be in her book too!)
2. Stick the photos in their albums
3. Done!

We don’t really need a step by step on how to do this. I was just pointing out how easy it is.

Are you ready for some exciting news??

I found an awesome photo lab, and I am officially offering prints, canvas and some specialty items!!!!!!
These will be offered as optional add-ons, you will still receive your digital files!
However, if you just read this, then you know,
I HIGHLY recommend PRINTING your photos!!