Monthly Archives: July 2015

I love senior sessions!
They take me back.
Ok, it’s not like I have that far back to go… but,
there is something about a senior, with all these big decisions in front of them, that is so exciting to me!

I think about their parents.
How fast getting to this point must feel to them.

I think about where they go from here.
What they will become…

Olivia, is a true beauty.

For these photos,
we climbed rock mountains,
I thought for sure I was about to get attacked by a wild beast,
luckily it was just a bunny,
we even saw wild deer.

I had such a fun night with Olivia and her friend, Michaelyn!
Can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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I was so excited to be in Kansas when this gorgeous couple happened to be celebrating 5 years of marriage!
I was in their wedding, Morgan was in mine too, we were college roomies!
She ranks pretty high on my list of all time favorite people!

Just look at these two!
Their good looks aren’t even fair!
And their fur babies, I swear they are smiling back at me.
I think I need a Corgi now!!!

I’m so glad we had some time together during my visit!
I miss our Aggieville days and runs in the park…
even though no amount of running on my part would ever get me legs that look as good as yours!!
Love you guys!!!

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I’ve known Sam since high school!
I can’t even believe how much time has passed!

I loved this secret little spot! I mean, a tree swing?!!

It was exciting to spend an evening with her sweet little family.
This little man!!!
He is BEYOND adorable!!
Those eyes, that smile… he’s just too much!!

The tears in the last couple photos multiply cuteness!!

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So, if you don’t already know, I was born and raised in Kansas, but I currently live in Arizona.
During my last Kansas visit, I decided to offer photo sessions.
I’m so glad I did, because I got to hangout with so many awesome families!

For starters, the Bradley family.
I followed them around their gorgeous home one evening, and truthfully, I really didn’t even want to leave.
Every. single. person. in. this. family. is. AWESOME!
They are the kind of family you would want to hangout with EVERY weekend.
So friendly, so welcoming!

We played in their basement, jumped on the trampoline, ate popsicles, played with their puppies,
ran around the grass, jumped on the bed…
for me, a dream session!

So much, of this little, growing family to capture!
I loved every second!
Thank you, Bradley’s!!

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