Monthly Archives: October 2015

The last time I got to hangout with Cade, I think he was around 5. (Before I was a mommy or photographer…)
I swear I could have watched him play for hours.
The way his little mind worked, was pretty much the cutest EVER!

It was fun getting to see him now. How he has changed, and how he is the same!
Really, it was just fun catching up with this family altogether.
I definitely will make sure there isn’t such a big gap between our next “run in”!! đŸ˜‰

Aren’t these guys GORGEOUS?!!
I just love their family chemistry!

010-collum 011-collum 013-collum

There are so many things I love about this family…
Our first session, we decided we wanted to see if we could beat the rain.
As it turns out, we could not…
But, we still managed to get some great images.
Round 2, no rain, but wouldn’t you know it, MOSQUITOES!!
Actually, I wouldn’t know it because REALLY, mosquitoes in almost NOVEMBER??

It didn’t matter though, I left both sessions with a big smile on my face!
I really enjoyed my time with these guys.
Just the sweetest, happiest little personalities!
Not to mention, they are stinkin’ ADORABLE!!
The image of Miss B with her bottle gets me EVERYTIME!
And swinging the girls in the air… LOVE!
Picking some of my favorites was not an easy task!!

006-kahler 007-kahler 008-kahler 009-kahler