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I am from a large family.
When I was asked to take extended family photos, I was pretty excited!
Who doesn’t love to be reminded of their own family?
I laughed a lot during this session!
I was having a pretty good time, and the commentary was pretty great! đŸ˜‰ …

This family is scattered in a couple states.
So, my favorite part was definitely hearing everyone request photos with each other!
Music to my ears, really…
I hope you guys had the best Thanksgiving!
If it was anything like our session, I’m sure it was a blast!


027-skbFamilies 032-skbFamilies 029-skbFamilies 034-skbFamilies

Miss G totally stole the show!
Let me tell you about this Little Lady… she is a girl who knows what she wants!
She was on the move!
She couldn’t have cared less about me or my camera.
She wanted to see the ducks, and run up and down the hill, and play, play, play.
So, I just followed her around, and let her do her thing.
Just look at her… she is BEAUTIFUL, really, they all are!
We had the best sky!
I sooo loved this session!!
I feel so much love and happiness when I look at their photos!

020-Andreu 022-Andreu 023-Andreu 024-Andreu 025-Andreu

So, here’s the thing, I really, really love what I do!
I love hanging out behind my lens watching families,
how they interact with each other, how they play, how they love on each other!

After all, family is pretty much at the top of the list.
They are what we wake up to, what we end our day with,
they make us who we are!

I would hang out with this family any day!
They are pretty awesome…and adorable,
and I just love watching Baby B in the mix, especially with his big brother!

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