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I have some news!

I am excited to announce, I am offering video!!!
This past year, I really got into shooting video of my own family.
I’m learning so much, and love it!
The videos I’ve made of “My People”, mean the world to me,
and that’s why I wanted to offer this in my sessions, to you as well.

Here is a little peek at video!


Ballesteros from Audrey Roundy on Vimeo.

What we lacked in temperature, we definitely gained in the sky!
It was so pretty, lots of clouds, and a beautiful setting sun!
I went a little crazy on the black and whites for this session,
but I just couldn’t help myself.
This family is sooooo adorable…
First of all, the DIMPLES… Mom and Baby!!
Then Sis… When I saw her, I said, “Oh so pretty!!”
I could barely finish my sentence, and she blurted out, “Did you see my shoes?!!!!”
Smart girly, shoes are so important! 😉
And, Dad’s smile!!! It’s so genuine.
I just love it when he is holding his “honey” in the photos at the end!
Truly my pleasure meeting this family!

047-ballesteros 048-ballesteros 053-ballesteros 054-ballesteros


This was such a fun change of scenery!
If you know Betty, you know she is a super creative Momma!
She had the idea of a session at The Saguaro.

They nailed it!
Their outfits are spot on, and they are the perfect family for the Saguaro.
Fun, colorful and all the awesomeness that this place has going on!

I love seeing this family…even if it’s only once a year because of our crazy schedules,
I’ll take it!:)

041-morgan 042-morgan 043-morgan 044-morgan 045-morgan 046-morgan

This family, they are so many things…
beautiful. photogenic. down to earth. enjoyable. loving.
If you know them, I am sure you know that is just the tip of the ice berg!
Watching this them together is just the sweetest ever.
I am so blessed with the amazing families I get to photograph, starting right here with them!
They’ve been with me since the beginning, and I am so thankful!

During the holiday’s,
I leave a lot of the family photos out of my blog posts because I don’t want to spoil any Christmas cards.
Make sure you check back after Christmas, because I will share them!
You don’t want to miss out!!

035-gauthier 036-gauthier 037-gauthier 038-gauthier 039-gauthier 040-gauthier