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This summer will mark my 3rd summer garden. I say summer, because in AZ, you can have a winter garden too, or even an all year garden with some plants! We are pretty lucky like that. My 1st garden was a raised bed I made. It did pretty horrible, I didn’t put it in a good spot, and didn’t pick the right plants. I over watered it too. It died. We didn’t get anything from it. My first winter garden, wasn’t much better. It supplied 1 salad, as in, lettuce and one piece of broccoli. I kid you not. One. It was the saddest little thing. I didn’t even get to eat it, I let my daughter have it.

I realized I needed to move my garden after that. I found a location with better sun, and moved my raised bed. A great summer garden was starting to grow. We had 9 ft sunflowers, that drooped over our pool, and dropped seeds into it. Hubby asked daily if we could cut them down. Heck no! I finally grew something, and it was BIG! We also had some tomatoes, eggplant, basil, 1 ear of corn and a green pepper. A handful of blueberries, and 1 strawberry! Things were looking up! I mean, it wasn’t enough for all of us, but stuff was growing! Until it died too. I took my babies back to Kansas to visit family. Hubby stayed behind for work, so he got garden duty. I came home to a mostly burnt up garden. It wasn’t completely his fault. Now there was too much sun. He didn’t kill my blueberries, and that was my main priority. The eggplant and basil made it too! (In fact, I still have them today! See what I mean by year round?!)

Tour time…


(The “Concrete Jungle”… once the vines on the back wall get going, this view will be much more bearable! The blueberries are in the light blue pots. They are taking their time waking up this year, which has me worried… We ditched the raised bed in the winter. Hubs dug this up for me. The raised garden used to sit on top.)


If you live in AZ, lots of the improvements on the garden came from this book… It’s so helpful! I’ve read it a couple times, and reference it ALL the time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.53.28 PM

Plant flowers throughout your garden. Flowers attract the pollinators, like bees. Don’t kill bees… If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. Bees are good! So are spiders! If you see webs in your garden, leave them! They eat the bugs you don’t want to eat your garden!



My son wanted pumpkins this year, we tried them the winter we got one salad. They died. We started these by seed. Fingers-crossed!

Roses are a must! My brother got me this guy for Christmas. I love being able to bring fresh flowers into the house, and we are going to have some soon! Aphids love roses, but aphids are no good. (They are the tiny green bugs that like to cover the buds.) My son takes care of our aphids. He loves  spraying them off with the hose. 142-garden

New to the garden this year… a Lemon Tree!! We are all pretty happy about this one! Lemon for our water, lemonade, lemon cupcakes, lemon frosting… and my favorite part, the smell of these blooms! THE BEST! We went into Costco for dog food, and left with a lemon tree!

A bird got this one, but tomatoes are on their way! For real, nothing beats a garden tomato, when they’re ripe and ready! 145-garden

Please grow!! We really want strawberries! But, in the past, they bit the dust too! (Pine needles under, for the soil, and so the strawberries don’t have to lay in the dirt.) 146-garden

And lastly, our green pepper, because they are one of my most favorite veggies when they first start growing. Look how cute it is!! 147-garden

I really like to talk about my garden. Most of my family finds this highly annoying. I can’t really blame them, it’s small, and doesn’t really feed us yet. BUT, here’s the deal, I feel like there is a huge learning curve when it comes to gardening, and I’m getting better! This year we’ve had 3 FAMILY salads!! That’s right, not one single salad, but 3 FAMILY salads!! I’m learning, and it’s so fun, and relaxing, and most of all, I love sharing it with my babies.  A couple weeks ago, Courtney Rust of The Rusty Lens was starting a gardening blog circle, and I jumped in! I am pumped! A place to talk about my garden!!!!

One thing that does really well for me in the garden, my herbs! I’m going to show you what I do with those next time!

Now, head over to Maegan’s garden!!

I’m such a sucker for newborn sessions.
I adore them.
There are few things more beautiful than a family welcoming a first born,
or a new brother or sister to the world,
to their world.
I get a little misty just thinking about it.

Big Brother, is a CHARMER. I mean just look at him…
AND THEN, he starts DOING really cute things too!!
Like in these first images,
Momma got him all prepped for photos,
and then he ran upstairs to where his brother was sleeping,
and was so excited to show him off to me.

111-williams 112-williams 113-williamsWe decided to let baby keep sleeping, and capture some of Mr. R. being 3.

114-williams 115-williamsThen, we got baby ready. This is where Mr. R. stole my heart again.
Without prompts, he ran and got his stool so he could watch, and hand out diapers… it was the best!

116-williams 117-williams 135-williams 136-williams 137-williams 138-williams 139-williams 120-williams 123-williams 124-williams 125-williams 126-williams 127-williams 128-williams 129-williams 130-williams

Like always, I more than enjoyed my time with this family. I’ve been lucky enough to be taking their pictures since Mr. R was born.
I can’t say enough nice things about them.
Every time, I drive home thinking about how great they are.
How lucky their boys are.
What a special relationship they have.
They are why I love what I do!

Welcome home, Baby H!

132-williams 133-williams 134-williams