meHi! I’m Audrey!

So, I could give you the “About Me” that most do, I’m a Mommy turned photographer, it’s true…
Having babies definitely put the camera in my hands, but let me take you back a little further…

My love for photography started before I became a Mommy. If you drove down a white rock road to a little yellow house in the middle of the country, that’s where it started. On the dresser in my Grandparent’s bedroom, when a little me saw a photo of my Grandma on her wedding day.

It started on her living room wall, where wooden, circle blocks with photos, displayed people I had never met, in outfits I had never seen. It started in her hall where she proudly displayed photos of her seven children’s families. It started when I was a little girl, in that little yellow house.

I’m a small town girl, raising my babies in Arizona with my hubby. First, I’m a Mommy, that you would most likely find outside enjoying nature, tinkering in my garden, making a home cooked meal, or behind a camera or computer creating my story & your’s!

I want my work to be on your dressers and walls. I want your little glimpses of life before, to be the photos I took for YOU!

There is nothing quite like the feelings a single photo can create, taking us back to a memory so special, we had to capture it so we would never forget!

I can’t wait to meet you because,
“Every person is a new door to a different world”… 

Contact me at audreyroundyphotography@gmail.com!