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It’s been far too long since I’ve had a new post.
But, in my defense, there has been so much going on.
I’ve started another little adventure that I have been working on A LOT.
AND, we moved… OUT OF STATE!!
Moving is rough regardless, but out of state is just crazy.
I am originally from Kansas, and that is where hubby and I met.
After 9 years in Arizona, we are back!!
It was definitely sad to go, but we will be back for visits.
It has been so great reconnecting with old Kansas friends.
And you guys, the locations I am finding are AMAZING!!
I am so excited to start booking sessions again.
So please, tell all your friends and spread the word.
I am in Wichita, and will travel to nearby areas too.

Okay, on to my first Kansas Session!!

There is just something about family photography that makes me so happy.
I LOVE when I get to watch a family interact with each other.
It’s the sweetest.
You guys have seen Morgan and Dustin on my blog before with their pups,
in fact, if you would like to see their previous session, check it out here.
Morgan and I are college roomies and besties.
So, getting to photograph them with their sweet Baby D was everything!
Seeing them with her was making my heart sing for sure.
And the next time you see Dustin, please ask him to do the barnyard dance.
I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed.
Freaking adorable!!

I am so glad you guys were my first session back in KS!!
D is beautiful, and you are beautiful!! <3


001-marsh2017 002-marsh2017 003-marsh2017 005-marsh2017 002-marsh2017

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is without a doubt the families I meet.
I seriously luck out with amazing families!
The love is always so obvious! Right there, ready to be captured!
Especially with these guys!

I left this session thinking,
“I need to call them to hangout sometime…
Those are the kind of people I want to be around!”

Thank you for an awesome night!
You guy’s have the BEST little family!! <3

(The 2nd to last photo, check out little man looking up at his parents!
That one seriously makes my heart melt!!)
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Mother’s Day is Sunday.
In my opinion, mommies are a pretty huge deal.

“If I know what love is, it’s because of you…”

Anytime I have the opportunity to capture a Momma & her babies, I LOVE it.
(Probably why I am a family photographer.)
Too often, we are the one’s behind the camera, or running around at holiday’s,
parties or school programs making sure everything is running smoothly for our little one’s.
Pictures get missed, and moments with Mommy aren’t captured.
But we are there!!!


If there is one thing I know, it’s that our babies want to see us.
They want to know we were there, and they definitely want to see us loving on them.
If you have a chance to get in a photo with your babies take it, I promise you will be glad you did!


Larissa is such a sweet Momma with awesome style.
She blogs about being a Momma, fashion and some of the stuff  in between!
You can find her here:
Facebook | Instagram | Website

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma’s!
You’re doing a great job!!
I hope your day is filled with love &  your family spoiling you!!

One thing I’m actually pretty good at growing in the garden is herbs!
I’m not sure it’s really saying much though… I’m pretty sure they are actually easy to grow.
And here’s the thing… you want herbs in your garden!!
Even if you don’t necessarily think you will use them, they are garden helpers!
Depending on their aromas, they can attract or detract certain bugs!!

Lots of herbs can be grown in pots too… put on a windowsill indoors.
They don’t have to be in a big garden if you don’t have the space!

Here’s what I’ve got growing: basil, dill, cilantro (my fave), parsley, mint and oregano!

I thought I would share what I like to do with my herbs.
Obviously, I like to use them fresh first,
but when I can’t keep up with how fast they are growing,
I like to dry them out so they don’t go to waste.


My dill is massive right now, and I have some oregano to dry out too!
So I just take my string and sheers out there, cut it off (it will grow back), tie it up, rinse it off and hang it up to dry!


It’s not a flower arrangement, but I still think it can add a little something pretty to a room while it drys out.

When it feels nice and crunchy, take it down, and literally crunch it up with our fingers to your desired size.
Put it in a jar, and guess what?!! That’s it.


I found the jars with the black lids at the grocery store, and the other jars at target.
The little tags were right by them in the gadget isle, in the kitchen section.
Dry herbs will last for a year!!

Now, are you ready for the cutest little gift ever??

Make a recipe card that calls for your spice and tie it to your jar!
Give it to a friend, because that’s one of the best parts about having a garden, the sharing!!

I like to add a super yummy breakfast casserole recipe when sharing my dill!
(Tip: Put the expiration date on the back of the tag.)

People love homemade, it’s thoughtful, and thoughtful is always best!


Head over to Maegan’s post, and check out what’s going on in her garden!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say they have a nice camera, but they don’t know how to work it.
Or they, brace yourselves… LEAVE IT IN AUTO!!!!
These statements are equivalent the the person that doesn’t use their good china, or light their favorite smelling candle,
or use their favorite lotion because it’s their last bottle.
Friends, the time is now!!
Our memories are fleeting!!
I just can’t let you have a great camera, and not know how to use it!!!

class-photoSo, let’s do this!!!
Join me April 23rd, from 4:00 – 6:00 in Gilbert, Arizona, and let’s learn how to use your camera!!

This will be a LIVE, hands on class!!

We will cover the exposure triangle, focus, lighting, white balance, what’s in my bag & end with Q & A!
Whew, that’s a lot!!
You will also get a PDF from the class…
AND, added to a private Facebook group where you can upload photos for critiques (if you want it), and continue to ask questions.

Seats are $150.
If you booked a session with me in 2015, a $20 discount will be applied.
First 5 to respond are in! Small class size, to guarantee you get the attention you need!
Currently,  2 spots left!

I am so excited to share my love for photography with you!
(DSLR camera recommended.)

Reserve your spot now, email audreyroundyphotography @ gmail.com!!!!